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trident, gurgaon
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Enter an oasis of calm

Enter an oasis of calm

Unwind. Refresh. Recharge.

Unwind. Refresh. Recharge.


Trident Spa Gurgaon

When you stay at Trident, Gurgaon, we suggest you pencil in some time and head to the spa. Overlooking the swimming pool, the Trident spa is a serene and soothing space to rejuvenate.

Our menu offers a range of therapies and based on Ayurveda and Western techniques. All treatments use natural ingredients and products. Our therapists can customise treatments as per your body type, mood and the time at hand. The spa is open till 1 am, and is exclusively for resident guests.

Spa timing- 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Trident Experiences

  • Our specially curated wellness and beauty spa rituals combine select treatments to rejuvenate and relax the body and being.


    2 hours | INR 9,000

    This experience commences with a thorough exfoliation of the body. A Balinese massage follows and is performed using a combination of aromatherapy, deep muscle manipulation and gentle stretching. This massage relieves deep seated aches and promotes rest and recovery.

    Body exfoliation • Balinese Massage


    1 hour 45 minutes | INR 8,500

    Carefully blended Indian herbs are bundled up in a poultice and soaked in therapeutic oil. Heated poultices are applied on the body using tapping and gliding techniques to relieve muscular tension, soothe tired and aching joints. This is complimented by a foot massage using heated ‘kasa’ bowls which helps relieve pain and promote energy flow.

    Hot Poultice • Foot Massage

Massage Therapies

  • From pain relief to deep relaxation, a skillfully delivered massage is excellent for your overall health and well-being. The spa offers most effective treatments to soothe your senses, restore vitality and revive the spirit.

    Trident Signature

    90 minutes | INR 8,000

    Relax your mind, body and senses with our signature massage. Applying rhythmic soothing and deep strokes using heated ‘kasa’ bowls, this massage is excellent for releasing muscular tension, relieving deep seated stress and promoting restful sleep.


    60/90 minutes | INR 6,000 / INR 8,000

    Developed on the island of Bali, this treatment combines techniques of deep tissue manipulation, aromatherapy and pressure points. Experience deeply relaxed muscles, soothed senses and a calm mind with this massage therapy.

    Hot poultice

    90 minutes | INR 8,000

    An Ayurveda inspired treatment involving application of warm poultice using tapping and gliding techniques. Experience combined effect of herbs infused oil and herbal poultice prepared with hand blended herbs that helps in relieving pain and soothe tired and aching joints.


    60/90 minutes | INR 11,000 / INR 14,000

    Soothing music and blissful aromas are the perfect setting to share a spa experience with a friend or loved one. Experience a Balinese massage and let this wonderful experience promote bonding and togetherness and restore a sense of bliss.

    Indian Foot

    30/45 minutes | INR 4,000 / INR 5,000

    This treatment involves use of combination of heated ‘kasa’ bowl and other massage techniques applied on the legs and feet. Foot massage with ‘kasa’ bowl improves circulation, relieves ache and fatigue of the feet.

    Indian Head

    30/45 minutes | INR 4,000 / INR 5,000

    Relax with classic Indian head massage performed using warm oil. While the scalp is massaged with gentle and firm strokes, vital energy points on the shoulders, neck and scalp are stimulated to reduce fatigue and restore calm.

Body Treatments

  • Body Exfoliation

    30 minutes | INR 4,000

    Exfoliation is a vital deep-cleansing technique whereby accumulated dead cells are gently scrubbed away to reveal fresh, radiant skin. A selection of natural blends is used to nourish and buff the skin, improving cell regeneration and blood circulation. The therapy is concluded with a hydrating application of body butter.

    Himalayan Rice Scrub

    An ancient Indian preparation; this blend replenishes moisture and restores the skin’s natural sheen. Almond powder and grains of Himalayan rice work together to gently remove dead skin cells, revealing a satin-smooth texture as your body takes on a noticeably brighter tone.

    Body Envelopment

    30 minutes | INR 4,000

    The treatment starts with a full body brushing to prepare the body for a wrap. The application of a masque follows, and the body is cocooned in a warmth-inducing wrap to facilitate natural detoxification, firming and nourishment. Relax with a dry head massage while the masque is working its way into the deeper layers of your skin.

    Indian Sandalwood

    A centuries-old concoction from India, this masque draws out impurities and deeply conditions the skin. Your therapist lathers your body with the smooth-textured salve, forming a snug sheath of nourishment. Your skin is rejuvenated and bathed in the sweet, earthy aromas of sandalwood that cling to you enticingly for the rest of the day.

Facial Treatments

  • Rejuvenating Facial – For dry and mature skin

    75 minutes | INR 6,800

    This exceptional facial helps to reduce the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines. Using specialised lifting massage technique combined with unique precious ingredients this facial will help lift the skin. Empowered with rejuvenating properties of 24K Gold and the anti-oxidant properties of other precious minerals, this treatment leaves the skin firmer and reenergized.

    Purifying Facial – For oily skin

    60 minutes | INR 6,000

    This purifying facial uses the floral essense of Jasmine, Tea Tree and Patchouli oils to soothe the skin, neutralize oil production and give an even skin tone. Skin impurities are gently removed and leaving your skin fresh and lowing.

    Hydrating Facial – For dry and sensitive skin

    60 minutes | INR 6,000

    Designed for sensitive skin, this calming and restorative skin treatment includes a combination of antioxidant herbs, roots and pure rose infused to rebalance and restore your skin’s vitality. It includes cleansing with traditional Indian hand pounded ubtans and fresh flowers infused mists to hydrate the skin.

    Revitalising Men’s Facial – All skin types

    60 minutes | INR 6,000

    This purifying facial cleanses skin by unclogging blocked pores, accelerates skin repair. Application of fast-acting and targeted botanical ingredients help to reduce sensitivity and provide long-lasting defense against damaging effects of pollutants, leaving skin visibly clearer

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