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When you plan your next vacation, don't hold back on what you expect from a memorable one. Our offers are designed to help you relax, unwind and let you have all the fun. Escape the hustle-bustle of your routine and soak in the picturesque views or simply indulge yourself with holistic spa therapies.

Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast spread that ensures a flying start to your day or head out to discover the history of the destination you are in. Whether you are planning a holiday with your family or your friends or even a business trip, our offers are curated to give you the best value and bring a smile to your face.

Trident Holidays at INR 14,000 for 2 nights
  • Book Hotel in Agra - Trident Hotels

    Trident Holidays unravels the perfect recipe for a memorable holiday. Pamper yourself with a 1+1 Spa therapies during your stays between 15th and 29th February, 2016

Trident Express Getaways at INR 7,250 for 1 night
  • A quick getaway is just an expressway away. Get to Agra in just 3 hours as you cruise down the Yamuna expressway from Delhi.

Trident Getaways at INR 21,300 for 2 nights
  • Best Hotels in Agra - Trident Hotels

    Enjoy a perfect getaway with Trident Hotels. Start your day with a leisurely breakfast, savor a sumptuous meal at the restaurant and go on a shopping spree to the colourful bazaars.

Discover India with Trident at INR 33,000 for 3 nights
  • Book Hotel in Agra - Trident Hotels

    Trident Hotels takes you on a magical journey through the splendour of India. Let us help you plan a trip like none other, across the wondrous destinations in India.

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Customise your stay with our
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